May 15

JIS Development is tailored to the business needs that enable businesses enjoy the perks of moving into on-demand orbits and allows the customers to enjoy the convenience of getting the tanks full at the doorstep or on-the-go.

Transform the traditional practices of standing in a long queue to get the car tanks full or help the customers who are left with no choice when the car runs out of fuel midway with no nearby fuel station via on-Demand Fuel Delivery Application. The time-savvy and cost-effective approach allows the customers to get the fuel anytime, anywhere, and even at the lower prices.

Features of fuel delivery app

Secured access

Manage everything with secure login from the admin panel.


The centralized  dashboard to view and manage all the data at a single place.

Driver management

Add and manage all the drivers’ profiles working to refill the tanks.

User management

View and manage all the registered users and their order details.

Order booking management

All the current bookings and upcoming bookings can be viewed and managed.

Fuel truck management

Add and manage the fleet of vehicles for fuel delivery.

Manual bookings

The fuel delivery requests can be manually assigned to the driver.


The categories can be created for different types of fuels and grades

Need of  App?

Observing that businesses are reaping benefits on entering the world of digitalization, the fuel sector also decided to jump on the bandwagon. Through the assistance of several fuel Delivery Apps, Fuel can be supplied to a user that is in some desperate need. Fuel Delivery Apps have been in the market for quite some time but they have not been publicized to a great extent which is why not many people are aware of their existence.

Benefits of Creating an On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

1. Mobile apps have always been a great tool for any industry that is looking to generate a big customer base.

2. Rating systems are great which improves the efficiency of the delivery apps

3. Prices offered by apps are pretty lower in comparison to those offered by traditional suppliers and sellers.

4. Productivity and sales go through the roof if the app is handled by competent handlers.

5. Clients can be retained easily as the retention concept is applied to both clients and the company.

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