May 11

Online teaching and learning have been transforming traditional education systems for the past few years. More educators and institutions are embracing online teaching methods. Students, too, find these tech-enabled learning more convenient and effective. Digital transformation is speeding up across universities, schools, and coaching centers. Educators and institutions are increasingly switching to online infrastructure. Our team help them to continue Teaching And Training In Ranchi amid disruptions like lockdowns, unfavorable weather, and disasters. Online teaching apps enable you to offer effective teaching/coaching/training without any disruptions. The design and features of a Well-Developed Online Teaching Solution help to create an engaging experience for both learners and the instructors. At Our company database we have built advanced and design-rich Online Teaching Solutions for years. Our industry experience and domain expertise help us to create the most suitable solutions for you.
Full control of your operations
Easily manage teaching lessons and control all kinds of interactions between and students.
Functionalities to offer rewards and certifications to high performers.
Quick & frictionless connectivity
Online Coaching Apps enable you to start teaching quickly, without any hassle. Every registered
student gets to join the online class with one-click accessibility.
Instant Messaging
The apps enable teachers and students to communicate during an online class using live chatting options. Students can instantly ask the instructors if they have any doubts or confusion during a lesson. Seamless video uploading Both instructors and students can upload videos on the online teaching/learning platform. Teachers can use videos to explain difficult topics whereas students can upload videos recording their questions and doubts. Create free and paid courses Teachers and administrators have the option to create free and paid courses according to their convenience. Learners get buttons to choose basic free courses or premium options.

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