May 15

Jharkhand IT Solutions spends significant time up-scaling Classifieds Website Development to give a fruitful working platform to diverse business needs. For classifieds development, we utilize the most current programming languages such as Python, PHP, Java, and JavaScript. With the focus on high revenue and more significant insights, we foster the ideal spot for some startups and colossal organizations to gut permeability and for the clients to look from a profoundly coordinated catalog.

Our characterized site layout offers a ton of administrations for business visionaries, advertisers, and publicists to advance their work and target, likely clients. We provide a complete, modified classifieds bundle for all scope of clients as per their necessities. The up-gradation in tools and services transforms a business into an endeavor where each company stakeholder works simultaneously through a single and transparent platform. Our group of developers guarantees that the benefits given by JIS and team are profoundly usable, adaptable, extensible, and viable as per business requirements.


1. Google map integration

2. Advanced search

3. List profiles

4. Client’s dashboard

5. Notification and alerts

Why Us?

When it comes to Mobile Applications, we all need them for our businesses. If you run a business and don’t have a mobile application for it through which your customers can reach you out, then you need to work upon making one to get better brand visibility and customer engagement. Our team can help you launch an app in a matter of minutes, boost sales and revenue in many ways, and help you achieve the level you want to go for. It is an easier platform on which you can access your business, and even your customers can engage in it in a better way. There are some ways you need to make your mobile application to get a successful response.

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